Mackinac Island Star Line Ferry company purchases Arnold line

file2541281147484Officials with Star Line say after two years of talks, they’re buying out the Arnold line’s passenger business assets.

That includes five ferries, four docks, a boatyard, and parking lots and ticket booths in Mackinac Island, St. Ignace, and Mackinaw City.

Jerry Fetty is the CEO of Star Line Mackinac Island Ferry.

“People who have been using Arnold Line, whether it’s the first time last year or they’ve used them every year since they were kids, they’ll still be able to ride the same boats from the same places, to the same places and they’ll just have a different name and logo on them. We plan to do a lot of upgrades on the boats that we’re purchasing to essentially bring them up to our standards.”

Fetty says fall is a good time to complete the sale, because ferry business to Mackinac Island is slow now, and non-existent over the winter. That gives officials at Star Line a chance to reorganize service and be ready for the summer travel season.