Holocaust historian speech at CMU focuses on the rescuers and rescue missions during the holocaust


Grassroots efforts to help Jews hide and escape during the Holocaust was the focus of a speech Thursday night at Central Michigan University

Deborah Dwork is a Holocaust historian, who conducts most of her research through interviews.

She said the rescuers during the Holocaust were typically young adults.

“These were young people, and they saw that something could to be done, and they chose to do it. We somehow see them as heroes, and they were heroes of course, but we put them on a pedestal, separate from ourselves.”

Dwork said she hopes to keep telling stories of rescue missions and rescuers during the Holocaust.

“My point is that ordinary people, came together to do extraordinary things, step by step, and each step they took made them bolder and better able to take the next step.”

Dwork said hopes other people will feel inspired to help those in need.

Below is the full interview with Dwork.