Former Trump-Pence Michigan campaign director eyes chairman position for Michigan Republican Party

ScottThe campaign for Michigan Republican Party Chairperson is heating up.

Scott Hagerstrom is running for chairman of the Michigan Republican Party. The former Michigan campaign director for president-elect Donald Trump announced his candidacy Friday.

Hagerstrom says his goals as Chair would include fundraising and instituting a closed primary.

“I’m going to be laying out a vision for Republican Party that involves setting a tone, a strategic vision, and fundraising and candidate recruitment,” he said.

Hagerstrom said he plans to carry Trump’s campaign promise to “drain the swamp” to Michigan.

“Not only do we have to drain the swamp in Washington DC, but we have to continue that drain the swamp in Lansing,” he said. “With term limits there will be a lot of open seats and we gotta be sure that we’re recruiting candidates – the right candidates – that will continue the message.”

Hagerstrom is running against incumbent chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel, although Romney McDaniel’s name has been raised as a possibility for new Republican National Committee Chair.

The new chairperson will be chosen by Republican Party delegates at a convention.