The state is creating rules for utilities to protect against cyberattacks


The Michigan Public Service Commission says utilities are seeing attacks daily, from domestic and international sources. Now the state is creating rules to protect Michigan’s utilities from cyber-attacks.

The Lansing Board of Water and Light announced this month they paid a ransom of 25-thousand dollars to unlock their own communication system from a cyber-attack that occured in April.

Judy Palnau is with the commission. She said the news rules would help prevent such attacks.

“It would include everything from just having on hand the at commission, the key contacts for each of the utilities for example, also the training that their employees undergo, an explanation of how much tier investing in cyber security.”

Palnau said preventing cyber-attacks is an important consumer service.

“We all as ratepayers depend on our utilities to provide service and also to protect privacy of customers and this is an issue of concern to the commission, you know it would also involve things like loss of service, financially harm or breach of sensitive business or customer information.”

Palnau said the rules should be completed by the end of year.