Michigan DNR assists in fire fighting efforts in southeastern states

DSC_0150Extreme drought conditions in the southeastern states has led to a series of wildfires across four states.

The state Department of Natural Resources has dispatched several teams to assist in fighting the fires.

Officials with the DNR say six teams are spread across three states, rotating personnel every two weeks.

Jeff Vasher with the Michigan DNR is currently stationed with a team in Georgia. He said fighting the fires across mountainous territory is difficult.

“It’s real steep. A lot of times you can’t get the engines to the fires. It’s funny to say but you’re fighting the fires with hand tools and leaf blowers, you’re making a line so when the fire gets to the line there is no leaves or nothing it’s just dirt and it goes out.”

Vasher said they got the call in October to come out and assist and will likely have teams stationed until Christmas.

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