Endangered wolves find a new home at the Children’s Zoo in Saginaw

-540110ce654c0c91The wolves are named Izzy and Rachel. They are one and a half years old… and could live to be 15 in captivity.

They arrived at the zoo in early December, coming from the Endangered Wolf Center in Missouri. Zoo officials say there are roughly 100 left in the wild.

Lizzie Schultz is Marketing and Communications Supervisor at the Children’s Zoo.

“This program is not just the breeding and the release even though that’s a big part of it, but a lot of it is being holding facilities for wolves and so they were transferred to us so we could hold onto them and then they could live here until they possibly need to go somewhere else, they could also just live the rest of their life here.”

Schultz says the transfer of the wolves, and the modification of an enclosure for them, was funded through community donations.