Internet use tied to low test scores

file761283458686A new study out of Michigan State University shows in-class internet use is tied to poor test scores.

The study looked at intelligence and motivation to see if they could predict internet use or change how internet use impacted test scores.

Additionally the study looked at class related internet use versus non-class related internet use.

Susan Ravizza is the lead author on the study.

“What we found was that the more time students spent looking at sites that were not related to the class the lower that they did on exams.”

Ravizza said intelligence and motivation weren’t a predictor of whether students would go online – the average student spent 37 minutes per class on sites not related to class.

And even for students who went to sites related to class Ravizza said there was no positive impact on test scores.

She said the study shows for lecture based courses there is no reason to have students using the internet.