Solidarity marches scheduled across the state

51e9ca15b7f398f12557ad6f52908495Marches are being organized state and nationwide to coincide with the women’s march on Washington.

That march is organized around the principles of protecting women’s rights under the incoming Trump administration.

Officials with the protest say it is important to show solidarity with the Women’s march on Washington – particularly in Michigan which voted for Trump by the most narrow margin of victory in the state’s history.

Kathy Dawkins is an organizer for a solidarity march in Traverse City. She said it’s important to get people together.

“We’ve become complacent when Obama was in office and we have to remind ourselves to stay on top of what is going on politically. It has to start locally and then go on up to the federal level.”
Dawkins says she thinks it’s important for people to let lawmakers know constituents pay attention to how they vote.

She said she expects as many as 200 people will come out to the march.
Events are scheduled across the state including Midland, Lansing, Marquette, and Grand Rapids.