Snyder’s proposed budget increases higher education funding

College Students

Michigan’s fifteen public universities will see an increase in state funding in the next fiscal year if Governor Rick Snyder’s proposed budget passes.

The Governor’s proposed budget would increase funding for higher education by $36 million. That would bring total spending to $1.5 billion.

Half of the increase would be distributed evenly to the state’s universities. Half would be based on things like retention and graduation rates.

Dan Hurley is the CEO of the Michigan Association of State Universities.

“The affordability for example within the next year should be about the same as it has been. And I do think for lower income students, they should see some improvements there.”

Hurley said the budget shows the state government’s commitment to education.

“Overall it’s a budget that provides for slow but sure consistent reinvestment in the state’s public universities. And that will help mitigate tuition increases and at least hold steady the trend on college affordability.”