IJC releases times, dates and location of public meetings

ijc_emblem_mediumThe health of the Great Lakes and its watershed will be the focal point of series of meetings taking place throughout the month of March.

The International Joint Commission announced the dates and the times of its planned public hearings on the Great Lakes. The IJC is advises both the US and Canada on issues concerning the Great Lakes.

The organization released its draft assessment in January. It outlined several broad concerns about the health of the Great Lakes.

In addition to addressing some of the key findings on that draft report, Lana Pollack, the chairperson for the IJC’s US section, said the event is a time for the community to come together and to let the organization know what issues are important to them.

“We’re going to be listening to local concerns that are particular to that area,” she said. “But it will also be interesting to see how much these different areas have in common.”

The public meetings will take place in various cities along the Great Lakes basin, tackling topics specific to each city and their surrounding regions.