Adult foster home looks to raise over $350,000 before May to stay open

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Green Acres in Traverse City is home to 30 adults battling homelessness, depression or addiction.

Savannah Thompson is the manager of the facility.

She said a balloon payment on the facility’s land contract is due in May.

“Basically we’ve kept it enough to keep it going month to month. Now that our land contract is up, our land owner is requesting the 367,000 dollars that we owe.”

Thompson says Green Acres has started a Go Fund Me page and is planning fundraisers to help offset the cost.

If they can’t make the payment, the facility will have to shut down.

“Green Acres takes care of a lot of homeless sometimes, like during the winter months and stuff. We have taken a lot of people from different counties that did not have a place to go. Basically just help the ones who can’t help themselves. If they’re willing to stay at green Acres we help them with their addiction, or depression.”

Adult Protective Services said right now there are no openings in nearby facilities.