New bill would require all day kindergarten in Michigan

0adb750f3cd2cd711f6014dfbdf02ea2A bill was introduced in Lansing this month that would require children in Michigan to attend all-day kindergarten.

There are currently 15 states that require full-time
kindergarten. If the measure passes, Michigan would be the 16th.

The bill was introduced by Democratic Representative Bill Sowerby.

“It’s important that we start our youth as early as possible so that they have the skills to meet all of the learning requirements that are expected of them as they move through elementary, secondary, and then further on to higher education.”

Sowerby says studies have shown improved learning in children who attend full-time kindergarten.

The superintendent of Rockford Public Schools near Grand Rapids, says if there’s opposition, it will likely come from parents who don’t want to send their child to kindergarten.

The bill has yet to be assigned to committee.