CMU part of nationwide survey to measure Americans

logoCMU plans to 3D body scan hundreds of people as part of a nationwide survey to make clothes more comfortable, vehicles safer, and the military more efficient.

CMU is one of two universities nationwide taking part in the project.

The survey will update average sizes of adults throughout the country. The data will be sent to apparel, automotive, and furniture companies.

Maureen MacGillivray is a professor of Fashion Merchandising and Design at CMU, and one of the founders of the Center for Merchandising and Design Technology.

“Our part of the project, we are going to body scan 450 individuals, we have until October first to scan that many individuals. Depending on how the project progresses we may negotiate to do more than that.”

MacGillivray says the survey is being done to accommodate the country’s changing body proportions and demographics.

For more information on the survey and how to get involved, click here.