Michigan lawmakers received nearly 700-thousand in meals from lobbyists

DSC_0175Who says there is no such thing as a free meal? In 2016 lawmakers received almost 700-thousand dollars in free meals from lobbyists.

25 lawmakers received one thousand dollars or more from lobbyists according to the Michigan Campaign Finance Network, which authored the report.

Of the roughly 700-thousand dollars in free meals only 300-thousand of that could be directly tied to lawmakers because of Michigan disclosure rules.

Craig Mauger authored the report. He said there’s very little transparency.

“We have no idea number one what type of legislation or what type of changes the lawmakers or lobbyists are talking about over these hundreds of dollars in free meals and number two in many ways we don’t even know who the client is that’s purchasing the meal because a lot of these meals are purchased by multi-client firms who don’t have to disclose what client they are working for.”

Mauger said some 30 states currently require lobbyists to disclose what type of issues they are trying to influence when they meet with lawmakers.

For a full report of state lawmakers and the money they received from lobbyists for meals visit: http://mcfn.org/node/6291/which-lawmakers-received-the-most-free-lunches-in-2016