Health departments and healthcare providers oppose new healthcare proposal

file1291279077714Health departments and healthcare providers across the northern lower Michigan are speaking out against Republican plans to replace Obamacare and cut funding to the EPA.     

The Northern Michigan Public Health Alliance is comprised of health departments and healthcare providers across 25 northern Michigan counties.

Officials with the alliance say 43-thousand people in northern Michigan are insured through medicaid expansion and 29-thousand more have health insurance through exchanges under the Affordable Care Act.

Those residents, officials say, could be directly impacted by an ACA repeal.

Mike Swain is with the public health alliance. He said the Republican proposal for healthcare runs counter to the region’s health needs.

“We focus a lot on the healthcare system here in northern Michigan and work with a lot of our partners to bend the cost curve but also to increase health outcomes. More people being insured and more funding for prevention is the key to doing that.”

Health departments also say cuts to EPA funding could end beach water quality testing completely. They say that’s an important tool in keeping residents safe.