Grant to create 60 jobs in Flint

DSC04132-BA Flint bank has received a state grant that’s allowing it to bring investment and jobs to the downtown area.

Huntington Bank has been awarded a 450 thousand dollar grant from the Michigan Strategic Fund.

The company is planning to expand its facility, create 60 jobs, and invest five (point) four million into the heart of downtown Flint.

Josh Hundt is the Vice President of business development for the Michigan Economic Development Corporation.

“Attracting more businesses and more jobs to Flint continues to be a priority for the state of Michigan, and that companies like Huntington and the commitment that they have shown to the city of Flint are a major factor in continuing to bring more and better jobs for the residents of the city of Flint.”

Hundt says he hopes this investment will help Flint move forward.

More information can be found here.