Congressional members and Senators respond to President’s budget proposal

Great Blue Heron Near a BreakwaterMichigan congress members and senators are reacting today to President Trump’s official budget proposal and its complete defunding of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.


Early leaks of the budget showed a 97 percent cut of the 300 million dollars in federal funds, but the official proposal completely defunds the program.

Democratic Senator Debbie Stabenow said the funding is essential for protecting jobs, drinking water, and the overall ecosystem of the Great Lakes.

“We’re talking about a natural resource for our entire country and the federal government has a responsibility to be part of protecting it.”

In a statement Republican Congressman John Moolenaar said quote “I hope the new administration will recognize the strong bipartisan support for this important program.”

Republican Congressman Jack Bergman said in a statement that he’s confident he can work with his colleagues in Congress  to secure Great Lakes funding .