New report could help combine services for mental health, disabilities, and drug abuse

file000465594297A new state report hopes to better integrate services for people with substance abuse issues, mental or physical disabilities, or mental health problems.

The report was submitted to the Michigan legislature this week.    

The 143 page report comes out of a workgroup organized by the state department of health and human services.  It was requested by Lt. Governor Brian Calley, himself a parent of a child with autism.

Jennifer Eisner is the spokesperson for MDHHS.

“The overarching theme is to integrate care: behavioral health and mental health services.”

At the announcement of the report in 2016, Lt. Governor Calley said the goal is to reduce the amount of administrative overhead and maximize resources going to help residents with mental illness, disability, or substance abuse issues.

Eisner said they are now waiting to hear back from the legislature on the proposals in the report.