New bill could initiate review of entire U.S. Criminal Justice System

21740297263_00e6841b74The US Criminal Justice System has not undergone a comprehensive review in more than 50 years, but that could soon change under to a bill introduced by Michigan Senator Gary Peters.  

The bill would establish a National Criminal Justice Commission which would take 18 months to review the justice system at the state and federal levels.  

The Senator’s office said, given incidents in Baltimore, Ferguson, and Staten Island, there is a need for a full review.

Senator Gary Peters said the bill is co-written with Republicans Lindsey Graham and John Coryn. He said it has strong bipartisan support and he’s hopeful the measure will move through the legislature and receive the President’s signature.

“This commission now has broad bipartisan support. We have 22 cosponsors, 10 republicans and 12 democrats, including every major law enforcement group and civil rights group have also endorsed the legislation.”

Senator Peters said it is important to have all parties at the table to review methods of reducing crime, advocating for public safety, and promoting equal treatment.