Flint workshop looks to protect small businesses from cyber threats

Experts say small businesses are the most prone to cyber threats and hackers.

Baker College in Flint is holding a workshop March 29 to help protect local businesses.

The cyber threat event is focused on how small businesses are often targeted by hackers, and can experience greater damage as a result.

Doug Witten is with Baker College. He’s an organizer of the workshop.

“How do you protect your emails? How do you protect your specific structures within your data? Because that’s what a hacker really wants, is the end result is to get at some kind of data. So how do we protect the small business protect their vital data from getting out?”

Witten says email is the what most hackers use to take information from a business.

“A good way of protecting yourself is having all of your people that are coming in be aware of threats. For example, the easiest threat to see is an email threat, and it’s always kind of innocuous.”

The event will be held on Baker College’s campus, 1050 W. Bristol Road, Flint, on March 29 from 10 am to noon. It is free to attend, but pre-registration is required at http://j.tinyurl.com/jjlnupe.