House adopts money for Flint water infrastructure

large-flint-truck-assemblyjpg-751452d70ca3587aFederal money to upgrade water systems is on a fast track toward Flint. The state House today agreed to spend 100 million dollars from the EPA and kick in another 20 million from the state.

State Representative Phil Phelps is from the Flint area. He says the money will be used to fix and improve the city’s water treatment plant, and replace lead service lines and water mains.

“The scale on the inside has ruined the integrity of these pipes that hold tremendous pressure. The water mains are the bulk of the pressure in there. If we had had a tougher winter, we could have seen serious problems in the city.”

The federal government approved the money just last week. The bill now goes to the state Senate. The measure also includes three million dollars to help deal with a giant sinkhole in Macomb County that’s displaced two dozen families.