‘Yoopers’ provide relief for wildfire victims in central US

17492733_1484181974946553_7907214598015081868_oA group of Yoopers are among many people around the country to provide relief for victims of wildfires in the central United States.

They’re calling it the Yooper Relief Convoy. Seven tractor trailers traveled from northern Michigan to Oklahoma last weekend to provide supplies to communities affected by wildfires.

The fires started in Oklahoma and spread hundreds of miles to parts of Texas, Colorado and Kansas.

Aaron Allington was part of the convoy.

“This isn’t something that’s just going to boom go away, some of these ranchers are going to be completely out of business for two years at a minimum. One rancher I talked to, he owns 50 thousand acres, and he lost all his crops, all his land burnt, his house, his barns, his equipment, everything is gone.”

Allington says the fire claimed the lives of thousand of livestock, and six people the livestock that survived have nothing to eat.

Relief convoys have delivered thousands of pounds of food for the animals as well as farm supplies to help ranchers rebuild and recover.