Three school districts get funding boost from state for consolidation

old-school-signThree school districts in the state are getting some extra help.

The state has approved grants totaling three million dollars. The money is for consolidating and merging schools and resources in the districts.

“The consolidation grants support strategic consolidation of districts where it makes sense,” said Michigan Department of Education spokesperson Bill DiSessa. “Streamlining their services and operations in other cases, the grants help defray the costs and increase efficiencies in these districts.

For example, Marshall Public Schools will use 2.5 million to cover the costs from absorbing the Albion school district last July.

DiSessa said these aren’t school closures per se. Rather, by consolidating services, buildings, and other parts of the district, the district runs more efficiently without taking away from the students.

“The grants basically help defray the costs and increase efficiencies in these districts,” he said.

The other school districts receiving money are Detroit Public Schools Community District for the annexation of the Education Achievement Authority and Innocademy in Zeeland for the annexation of Innocademy Allegan Campus.