Kildee speaks out against possible Great Lakes funding cuts


Congressman Dan Kildee said hundreds of thousands of jobs would be compromised if funding for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative is eliminated.

President Trump’s proposed budget plan eliminates the 300-million dollar initiative that, for the past seven years, has been used to protect and maintain the Great Lakes.

“In Michigan alone there have been 760 projects, through fiscal year 2016, worth over 600 million dollars. Every single one of these projects,helping to create jobs, helping to grow our economy, protecting our Great Lakes.”

Democratic Representative Kildee said the Great Lakes help provide over a million jobs nationwide, and is vital to the state economy.

“The Great Lakes have extraordinary economic value, supporting jobs for over a million and a half people, including 800-thousand people in Michigan, the great lakes generate billions, literally billions in economic activity, supporting 60 billion dollars in annual wages to workers.”

Kildee said many small businesses would be hurt by the cut as well.

The cuts are being criticized by lawmakers on both sides of the aisle.