Legislation would up reporting requirements for animal and child abuse

Capital_Building_Lansing (2)Michigan may join a handful of other states with increased reporting requirements for child abuse and animal abuse.

Twelve other states have co-reporting laws similar to the ones recently introduced in the state House. The bipartisan bills would require animal control officers to report suspected child abuse and require Child Protective Services to report suspected animal abuse.

“It’s just a very simple mechanism to get out there and make sure that we’re taking care of our Michigan families,” said Democratic State Representative Robert Kosowski. “If you abuse your animals there studies have shown that next is going to be child abuse or it’s going to be a part of it.”

Kosowski says the bills will help save Michigan families.

“Maybe a lot of people thought we were already doing it, you would think that a lot of our services in Michigan would work hand in hand,” Kosowski said. “And I’m not saying they don’t, they probably do, but this mandate says they do recognize anything they have to report it.”

The bipartisan legislation is currently waiting for a committee hearing.