Mount Pleasant high school senior receives acceptance letters from five ivy league schools


Isra Hamdi not only got into Harvard – but Princeton, Cornell, Dartmouth, University of Pennsylvania, John Hopkins and University of Michigan.

Hamdi said she’s quote – 99 percent sure she’ll attend Harvard.
“When I first found out, I thought I would cry, I’m definitely a crier, I’m an emotional person, but I didn’t cry. I was like shaking, I was so shocked. I don’t know it was a really happy moment.”

Hamdi is involved with the Mount Pleasant High School swim team, and she’s dual enrolled at CMU, where she’s on the debate team.

She said she’s lived by a Langston Hughes quote.


“It’s kind of been something I look back to whenever life gets hard. It’s a beautiful poem, and in it one of the repetitive lines in the poem is life for me ain’t been no crystal stair, and it reminds me that everyone has hardships and difficulties and it’s just a matter of how we cope with them.”

Hamdi said she would like to study pre-medicine at Harvard.