Kalamazoo judge to decide on Jason Dalton evidence

gavel2 11-13-13A judge in Kalamazoo is expected to decide soon whether a suspect in a mass shooting can exclude some evidence from his trial.

Jason Dalton is accused of killing six people and seriously injuring two others one night last year, in between picking up fares for Uber. On Thursday his lawyer asked the judge to suppress allegedly incriminating statements that Dalton made to police after his arrest. The defense says police ignored Dalton’s requests to stay silent. But prosecutors say that detectives had a right to question Dalton the night of the shooting to make sure they’d found all the victims. And police say Dalton formally waived his right to silence in a second interview. Kalamazoo County Prosecutor Jeff Getting says the case against Dalton is strong even without his statements to police. Getting noted that the defense plans to argue that Dalton is insane.

“They’re not saying that he didn’t do it. They’re saying, ‘he did it, but…’ These statements simply establish that he did it and confirm other aspects of that investigation.”

The judge says he’ll issue an opinion by April 20. Dalton’s trial has been set for June.