$400,000 grant awarded to promote healthy eating for Traverse City kids


A 400,000 dollar grant was awarded in Grand Traverse County to help promote health and wellness in schools.

The money will fund educational programs about health and nutrition in the Traverse City school system, and in Munson Medical Centers.

It was awarded by the Michigan Health Endowment Fund.

Alyson Kass is with Shape Up North, the coordinating organization of the effort.

“The culture in society now, I mean it’s all supersized and more inexpensive foods are really high in sugar and carbs, it’s really about going back to the basics and helping to incorporate some of our local farmers and the local foods.”

Kass said other organizations involved with the effort includes the Great Lakes Culinary Institute, Michigan State University Extension and the Groundwork Center for Resilient Communities.

“Whether it’s the food that their being offered at the cafeteria, the cafeteria workers themselves, being able to network and share ideas and things that are working and recipes that kids like that are healthy. And again, building that framework so that this can continue on.”

Kass says she programs are expected to begin in the fall.