CMU, SVSU, Delta receive grant to study environmental education

camp Thanks to a grant from the National Science Foundation, students at local colleges will be getting to opportunity to participate in environmental research.

The $565,000 grant has been awarded to Central Michigan University, Saginaw Valley State University and Delta College for research into environmental education.

This is phase two of the process. Phase one was a CMU-only grant that allowed researchers to look at which methods of hands-on environmental education have the most impact on student learning.

Now researchers are using the second grant to expand the program.

Janice Tomasik, the Principal Investigator at CMU said “we developed the new curricula and we analyzed impacts from the phase one and realized it, it’s promising so let’s figure out what’s going on when we expand it to other subjects and other types of institutions.”

About 1,200 students from the three schools will participate in on-going research as part of the study.

“It’s been known for a while that hands-on learning is definitely beneficial.” Tomasik says, “but the unique impact of this work is that it’s not only hands-on learning but it’s also allowing the students to participate in an ongoing research project.”

Researchers will use the study to develop best practices that can be taught and used in classrooms all over the country.