Petoskey, Detroit chambers team up to answer health care questions

hospital roomWe’re already a month into open enrollment under the new Federal Affordable Care Act, and, with new rules and glitches in the system, many people and businesses still have questions.

The Petoskey Chamber of Commerce is partnering with the Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce to offer a free, web-based help center. It’s called “MI Health Answers” and it’s open to anyone in the state.

Carlin Smith, President of the Petoskey Chamber, said this tool will be especially useful for small businesses.

“They may not have an HR Specialist on staff, they may not have an attorney on retainer for the small business or that type of thing,” Smith said. “They may not have that ‘in-house’ expertise that they may need to get through this Affordable Care Act.”

Smith said the Chamber hopes to become a better resource to businesses across the state.

Businesses and individuals can visit the website to ask specific questions to experts from around the state.

In addition, many communities are holding seminars on the Affordable Care Act. Petoskey’s is scheduled for Thursday, November 7, at the NCMC Library Conference Center in Petoskey at 8:30 a.m.

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