Petoskey celebrates the 11th Annual C.S. Lewis Festival

Courtesy of the C.S. Lewis Festival's Facebook.

Courtesy of the C.S. Lewis Festival’s Facebook.

As it’s done every year for over a decade, the city of Petoskey is celebrating the man who invented Narnia.

The 11th annual C.S. Lewis festival has been running since October. The final event is scheduled for November 25.

Ann McDevitt, executive director of the C.S. Lewis festival said, the turnout has been good so far. “ Our final event is actually our writers workshop. We created a writing workshop for 5th grade children and we had the pleasure of receiving a grant that allowed us to purchase books for every 5th grade child in the Petoskey area. They spend about two months writing and reading “The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe”. We then created a program where created a program where they would write based on writing prompts. Different prompts that are in the book and then we get to hear about 20 young 5th graders recite their writings. “

McDevitt said plans for next year’s C.S. Lewis Festival have already begun.

The final event, the writer’s workshop, takes place on Monday November 25 at 7:00pm at the Petoskey Middle School