Alpena recognized for its Economic Leadership in efficiency

Alpena County is being recognized by the state for its “Economic Leadership in Energy Efficiency.”

The county has partnered with Ameresco to implement infrastructure upgrades at government buildings, like the local jail and courthouse.

Cameron Habermehl, Chairman of the Alpena County Commission, said the partnership is supported by $1.6 million in bonds.

“The money we saved from the upgrades that we did will actually pay the bond off and there will be no cost to the general fund for any of the upgrades,” Habermehl said. “It also gives the county completely upgraded heating and lighting; every system has been upgraded, so we won’t have the expense over the next 15 years of having to replace the ferances or other equipment that breaks down.”

Habermehl said he expects the effort to save the county more than $100,000 annually.

He also said the savings are expected to increase as time goes on.