Drivers are reminded not to follow too closely on the road

winter traffic
While the winter brings holiday cheer, the weather creates treacherous conditions for drivers on the road.

Drivers are being advised to take extra precautions when traveling as snow and ice begin to build up on Michigan roads.

The Midland Police Traffic Team announced this week that “tailgating” will be the focus of their monthly traffic campaign.

Sgt. Mike Sokal, with the Midland Police Traffic Team, says looking into the new year, the department’s goals with the initiative are to create a smarter and safer environment.

“The main goal is to reduce traffic crashes and to make the roads safer for the public in general,” Sokal said. “[The campaign] is obviously is one way of doing it, like making people aware that there is a tailgating law. You can be stopped even if you do not cause a crash, but you can be stopped for following a vehicle too closely.”

Sokal said that following another vehicle too close can lead to stress while driving, road rage and collisions.

Although it’s important to be extra careful during the winter months, he said that “tailgating” is a year-round problem.

“Mainly, we see it when we have crashes,” Sokal said. “So we are trying to be proactive in getting ahold of the main tailgaters and the people that follow too closely before they cause a crash.”

He said you should keep at least three car lengths between your car and whoever is in front of you.

This will provide enough time to react to possible disturbances on the road.