Twenty high school teams advance Nickless Award competition

Twenty teams of students from bay area high schools are moving on to the next step in a competition that recognizes students who excel science, technology, engineering and math.

The students are competing for the A.H. Nickless Innovation award.

“The top twenty teams are able to move on to the second round,” Jack Kidwell, trust officer for the competition said, “which is where they put more work into their projects, more work into what they believe to be the innovative areas that they’re wanting to take part of.”

This award, offered from the Nickless Charitable Foundation, is meant to recognize students who excel in the STEM areas: science, technology, engineering and math.

Kidwell says he hopes the competition will encourage students to take an interest in the STEM areas and Michigan’s Great Lakes Bay Region.

“We hope that from that we’ll start to see the students engage more into the STEM areas in order to really lift that up for this area and really the benefit back to the schools but also as they go on to college and then een staying in this area in order to possibly live and work and play in the Great Lake Bay,” Kidwell said.

Thirty teams submitted abstracts, twenty will move on.

They will put more work into their projects and present and written and oral presentation for the final judging in April.

These teams are competing for the top prize of a $5,000 college scholarship and a $20,000 dollar STEM grant for their school.

Second place, $2,500 scholarship and $10,000 dollar grant, and third place, $1,500 scholarship and $5,000 grant, will also be awarded.