Holiday Meal Tips for Weight Watchers


With Thanksgiving dinners behind us, sights are set on another big holiday meal.

Instead of worrying about having to buy the next belt or pants size up, you might want to try some strategies offered by the weight-loss support organization, TOPS; that stands for Taking Off Pounds Sensibly.

TOPS has recommended several strategies to help lighten up a holiday meal. They say it’s good to fill up with healthy snacks before arriving to a party.

Try to avoid the appetizers. They call them calorie minefields.

Consider exchanging high-fat desserts for winter fruits such as oranges and kiwis .

Judith Boyer, West Midland area TOPS captain explained, “We mainly propose to watch your portion size and mostly eat your vegetables and fruits. And a small item of protein, like in your meats. We promote walking, which is the best exercise. We do not recommend pills or anything, but we do drink lots of water.”

Boyer said the best thing for people to do after a big meal is to go for a walk.

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