Fit-4-Life programs looks to create a healthier lifestyle for kids

excercise, kids
Exercising, learning about your body and having fun – who knew all of these could be combined into one?

The Charlevoix Area Hospital has introduced a program, in which all three do coincide, called the Fit-4-Life for Kids.

The program is designed to teach children the importance of healthy lifestyle habits.

Kathleen Jacobsen, the Director of Community Health Education at the Charlevoix Area Hospital, said the program offers hands-on activities that teach students about understanding their own health status.

She said this establishes healthy habits and teaches kids to make time for exercise.

“In the old days, this program was modeled after ‘Fit Kids,’ which was more watching a video and someone emulating the exercises, but now we have people right there exercising with them that are aware of more current exercise themes and what would be more fun for kids,” Jacobsen said.

Jacobsen said a physical therapist comes to the schools to work with K-12 students.

The hospital’s school nurse program, she said, is a unique part of “Fit-4-Life” because of the nurses’ availability to the kids.

“Our school nurses can follow these people if they want to be followed and help with preventative measures,” Jacobsen said. “It’s not just an in-and-out program that comes in the next year, but these nurses are seeing these children and these families every day.”

She said there has been an overwhelming positive reaction from parents and students so far.

The Fit-4-Life program currently serves nine schools across Charlevoix and Antrim counties.

More information on how to participate can be found at the hospital’s website.