Dow Chemical shows consistent equality in the workplace

The holiday season is bringing cheer to a Michigan based company and its employees, as it’s being recognized as one of the best places to work for people who are LGBT, or lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered.

For the ninth consecutive year, the Dow Chemical Company achieved a 100 percent rating on its corporate equality index by the Human Rights Campaign.

Dow officials said the index measures aspects of a company’s policies and practices to ensure that they are fully inclusive for all employees.

Gary Rudgers is a Global Leader for GLAD, or Gays, Lesbians and Allies at Dow network.

He said in order for Dow to compete globally, the company needs to be innovative, and this is what they are doing.

“The only way that we are going to be able to [remain competitive] is if we have a diverse workforce that can generate these new ideas and new solutions for us,” Rudgers said. “With ever-shrinking diversity out there, particularly in the sciences and engineering, it is essential for our company to actively include everyone to ensure that we attract, develop and advance the very best talent to stay highly competitive.”

Thanks to Dow’s “best-in-class” practices, Rudgers said Dow’s equality policies are a huge component in assuring that the company is hiring the best people for the job.

The practices include equal benefits to same-sex partners for everything from health, dental and life insurance to bereavement leave, and other things.

Rudgers said the equality policies are the reason why he considered working at Dow in the first place.

“It has made a significant difference in my ability to come to work, be myself and actually do my job without having to sit and hide myself,” he said.

There is no doubt that Dow is setting an example for other companies globally, but Rudgers said companies are reluctant to make strides toward equality in the workplace because no one wants to be the first.

“When you have companies being role models, moving forward and identifying what specific inequalities we have in the workplace, we begin to see those changes take place in more companies, not only in the US, but globally,” he said.

Rudgers said Dow was the first chemical company to achieve a 100 percent rating on the national index.

Dow has participated in the Human Rights Campaign index since its inception in 2002.