Saginaw to be the home for 300 new jobs

A Saginaw-based company is planning to hire hundreds of new employees over the next few months.

Morley Companies has plans to hire 300 new associates by the second quarter of the year.

Morley helps clients, including Fortune 500 companies, plan and operate meetings and events, among other things.

Jill Gushow, Director of Human Resources at Morley, said the jobs opened because of a combination of factors.

“Some of it is existing business that our clients want to grow with us because our associates do such a great job, they want to increase the size of their business with us,” she said. “Other programs are brand-new clients coming to us, clients we haven’t worked for before, but they’ve now come to us and we will be taking over some of their programs for them.”

Saginaw officials said the additional jobs will help stimulate area businesses and the local economy.

Gushow said it is important to the company for the company to maintain its 150-year-old culture.

“Finding talented people, we can do that, and we work very hard at it,” she said. “Once we find those people and bring them on board, the next thing we really need to focus on is making sure that they become a part of our culture and they want to be a part of a culture like ours.”

Jobs are open right now, Gushow said, and that there are various positions ranging from part-time to full-time.

More information about Morley and their employment opportunities can be found at Morley’s website.