ICE a Cell Phone Safety Campaign


While you’re watching out for ice this winter, consider looking for it in the contact list of your cell phone. A nationwide senior care agency, Visiting Angels, has launched a campaign called ICE a Cell Phone.

It’s aimed at helping seniors in case of an emergency.

ICE stands for In Case of Emergency. Safety officials say you can type in ICE contacts on your or a loved ones cell phone to help emergency workers know who to call in case of an emergency.

Doug Hammond, Vice President of Visiting Angels for the Great Lakes Bay region, says “If a family member were to ice a senior’s phone or their parents phone, they would go into the phone and create a contact. That contact would start with the letter I-C-and E for ice, then you would have a dash or a space and a name of a contact that could be contacted if there was an emergency.”

Hammond says it’s important the emergency contacts agree to being an ICE partner, and that they are aware of that person’s medical history.

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