Potential layoffs approved in Saginaw School District

flag in classroom
The Saginaw Public Schools Board of Education has voted to layoff a still unknown number of district employees.

In a meeting Wednesday, the board gave the superintendent permission to execute layoffs, at his discretion, by a 4-3 vote.

Dr. Kelley Peatross is the Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources, Labor Relations and Support Services, and she said it’s important for the district to follow the guidelines highlighted in their deficit elimination plan, or DEP.

“It gives the superintendent some flexibility,” Peatross said. “As we look at our enrollment whether it’s increased, stayed flat or declined, it allows us to make initial assessments instead of arbitrarily coming up with a number to lay off. That would not be fiscally responsible.”

The board unanimously granted permission for the superintendent to recall any laid off employees based on improved economic conditions.

Dr. Peatross said the board is expected to give the superintendent additional powers to layoff or recall employees later this spring.

Nearly 40 teachers have already been laid off in the district since summer.

Saginaw Public Schools are facing a $6.1 million budget deficit for next year.