Michigan aquaculture poised for growth


Most people who live in Michigan recognize the value of the Great Lakes. They bring in tourists, support commercial fisheries and provide fresh drinking water.

Now, some entrepreneurs would like to use the lakes to break into the seafood market.

The Michigan Aquaculture Association, or MAA, says Michigan could become a national leader in freshwater aquaculture.

Currently, more than 90% of America’s seafood supply is imported. MAA officials say there is a tight supply of quality, affordable seafood in the U.S.

Dan Vogler, president of the MAA, says “We have the natural resources, we are at just an absolute intuitive place for this to develop and we could easily step into national leadership and be very competitive.”

Vogler will be presenting information that he hopes will lead Michigan into the aquaculture industry today in Osceola county. He says the state is capable of developing a billion-dollar aquaculture industry by 2025.

Volger says expanding aquaculture production will require state legislation and an appropriate regulatory framework to be set in place.