Endless list of new things for Pure Michigan goers

Photo courtesy of Pure Michigan.

Photo courtesy of Pure Michigan.

To some people, the cold, windy stretch we’ve been having is all part of a real Michigan winter. State travel officials say it’s one of the many things Michigan has to attract visitors.

Travel Michigan has released a list of new and improved lodging, dining and activities this year.

Although Travel Michigan tends to focus on out-of-state visitors, officials said that it’s still important to remind Michigan residents about what the state has to offer.

Dave Lorenz, with Travel Michigan, said the state really likes to emphasize the improvements.

“We’re always interested in encouraging people in the state to go to other places in the state, or go to the attractions and destinations in their community, as well,” he said. “Unfortunately, people always think, ‘Hey, I’ve already been been there before.’ But what they may have forgot is that they went there 20 years ago, and things change, they improve and they provide another opportunity to and another reason to visit.”

Lorenz said he doesn’t like to see Michigan residents spend an inordinate amount of leisure time out of state, “the economic impact is too great.”

The Pure Michigan also has long-standing relationships with visitors from all over the world.

Lorenz said state is marketing authenticity, and that it is opening new offices in China this year.

“We want to encourage [international visitors] to see more than just New York, the national parks, Orlando and Vegas,” he said. “We want them to see the real America. We think that here in ‘Pure Michigan,’ we have a pretty unique four-season environment of beauty and interesting communities. We think that’s a very compelling message for people abroad looking to experience what we call, ‘the real America.’”

Lorenz said the Michigan Economic Development Corporation also has offices abroad in Germany and the United Kingdom.

He said that the state has strong relationships with other countries, like Austria, Ireland and Switzerland.

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