Central Michigan University will introduce a mobile health vehicle this spring

SONY DSC Central Michigan University has found a way to bring their health services to rural and medically under served areas of the state.

This Spring, the university is planning to introduce a mobile health vehicle.

The vehicle will extend the services of CMU’s Carl’s Center for Clinical Care and Education off campus, throughout Michigan.
Services are likely to include hearing aid testing, fall and balance therapy, physical therapy and speech-language therapy.

Christopher Ingersoll. Dean of the Herbert H. & Grace A. Dow College of Health Professions said, the vehicle is being funded by a $500 thousand dollar grant received from the Herbert H. & Grace A. Dow foundation of Midland.

“It always us to get out in the communities where we otherwise couldn’t have. To bring our resources to them because not everybody in the rural or under served areas in Michigan have the opportunity to get to Mount Pleasant or get to our clinic or to have access to the resources on campus. It allows us to get out there and do good.”

The college is still working with vendors to design the mobile health vehicle. According to Ingersoll the vehicle will be over 38 feet long.

The mobile health vehicle is expected to be completed by late spring or early summer.