State lawmaker not entirely happy with Farm Bill

As we reported, the U.S. Senate voted Tuesday afternoon on final passage of a new five-year Farm Bill.

NPR’s Ailsa (Al-sah) Chang reported Monday that the original intent of the Farm Bill was to help farmers hurting after the Great Depression. Since then, her story said, it has grown to a very complex piece of legislation containing many provisions that, (QUOTE) “have very little to do with each other.”

That, she said, includes dairy policy.

Dairy farmers in Michigan have generally been in favor of the policies and protections afforded to them in the Farm Bill.

State Representative Ed McBroom, himself a dairy farmer representing an Upper Peninsula district that has many dairy farms, said he is not pleased with what has passed the House.

“The government continues to tinker and tinker with the dairy product issues and it’s one of the most confusing…I’ve never talked to a…even a person from USDA who can really understand every dynamic about it.”

Overall, McBroom said, he’s not in favor of the language of the bill.

“I’m a little discouraged that it’s gotten to this point where we’re in such a need of a farm bill being passed that we have to accept what I believe is a relatively poor product.”

McBroom shared his thoughts during a visit to Central Michigan University on Monday.