CMU offers high schools course credit

Teacher Central Michigan University and the state Department of Education’s are teaming up to encourage more high school students to major in the teaching field.

An agreement signed by CMU and the Michigan Department of Education’s Office of Career and Technical Education (MDE-CTE) allows high schoolers who complete a state-approved teacher education career program to receive course credit at CMU for the Introduction to Teaching course.

Renee Papelian, CMU’s Director of Professional Education, said CMU’s Intro to Teaching course is intended to help high school students decide if teaching is right for them. That’s something the career-tech students have already been introduced to. “It’s not just going into a classroom and talking about some information. But now of course teaching can be some what complicated and we want to make sure students understand all aspects of teaching. The evaluation, assessment, the standard, the regulation and then of course the most important component is that they have a love for children and that love of wanting to see children learn.”

Papelian said the new credit agreement takes effect immediately.
“There are approximately 1,500 high schoolers already enrolled in the career-tech program.” Said Papelian. “ These students will be able to earn CMU course credit by the end of the school year.”