Charlevoix Area Hospital School Nurse Program


Once upon a time, school children were attended to quickly when medical issues arose by the often beloved school nurse.

Today, many schools have cut back or cut out the school nurse position due to budget constraints.

The Charlevoix Area Hospital Nurse Program is being recognized for, you could say, bringing the good old days back by providing nurses to nine local schools.

The hospital is providing school nurses for nine area schools. The nurses not only treat student’s aliments, they also educate them about healthy lifestyles.

The school nurse program has earned national recognition as one of five programs in the country named a Program of Promise. That recognition honors initiatives that have the potential to impact communities in life-changing ways.

Katherine Forrester, communications coordinator for the Charlevoix Hospital, said the school nurse program is considered number one priority for the hospital. “It provides a sense of security for parents knowing that their student if something goes wrong they have a school nurse right there that can answer questions or make sure that the student is alright. Overall it’s such a wonderful program that I think every school system should have, and it’s something that we hope we can continue in the future.”

Forrester said the nurses’ dedication to making sure students are healthy and educated on nutrition has received positive feedback from parents.