Petoskey Robotics Team fundraising for Super Regionals


A sport for the mind. Robotics teams in Michigan have been experiencing significant growth, now boasting more than any other state in the nation.

One particular team comes from Petoskey Middle School, where the team is now experimenting with a different kind of technology.

The Robotics Team is called “Geeks, Gears and Gadgets” or G3. The 20 member team won the state qualifying tournament, and now they’re on their way to the Super regionals in Iowa. Their robot will compete in navigating courses and manipulating objects.

The team spent three months building their robot. Now they have less than one month to raise the money for the trip. To make this possible, the tech-minded group is utilizing other forms of technology.

Cheryl Tallman is media mentor for the team. She said the team has turned to crowd funding. “Well, crowd funding is an innovative fund raising program that is used by a large number of non-profit organizations, and it basically uses technology and people’s social network like Facebook or Google Plus or Linkedin to reach out to those people who have a genuine desire to support a cause.”

The team’s raised just under a thousand dollars after a week, with hopes of reaching their goal of 12 thousand. The team will be accepting donations until their deadline of March 28th.

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