Effort underway to regulate e-cigarettes in Michigan

gr-37917-1-1There’s a movement in Lansing to regulate the sale of electronic cigarettes. The smokeless devices deliver a nicotine-laced mist that users inhale.

The effort has been slowed by a disagreement. It’s about whether e-cigarettes should be regulated and taxed like tobacco, or separately.

Doctor Matthew Davis is Michigan’s chief medical executive. He says e-cigarettes and liquid refills should be classified as tobacco products.

“Because they are derived from tobacco and the philosophy of their use is side by side with the use of tobacco cigarettes that have been such a source of so much illness and death,” said Davis.

But others say there’s still too little information about the effects of e-cigarettes on people’s health. There are measures before the Legislature that would create separate regulations on e-cigarettes, including a ban on sales to kids.