Alma College hosts 2nd annual Health Symposium


Alma College hosted their 2nd annual Health Symposium on March 8th to address concerns on how to address a growing autistic adult population.

The event included discussions on issues related to “Autism Across the Lifespan”, a window into the life of people with autism after they reach adulthood.

Alma College administrators viewed the symposium as a means to helping society better understand the needs of individuals with autism spectrum disorders, or ASD.

The U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has labeled autism spectrum disorders, as an urgent public health concern.

The prevalence rate of autism across the country has increased to one in every 88 children.

Karen Ball, an event organizer, said multiple stakeholders within the community need to be made aware of the different issues that have to be addressed.

“We need better coordination amongst the different services and the resources that are there. And more importantly we need to be able to get the information out to those who are impacted by autism what these resources are in our local community, and make sure that we can coordinate those within our local community to best integrate these individuals.”

Ball said she hopes the symposium will encourage future community discussion regarding the coordination of services for those with ASD.

“It’s important that we work with multiple stakeholders in our community to make them aware of the different issues that have to be addressed. So that includes not only our educational system, but it also includes our mental help system, legal system and law enforcement officials. And so all of those stakeholders need to be made aware of what these individual issues are, and that is exactly what we were trying to do with this symposium.”

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