This week is ‘National Groundwater Awareness’ week

bottled water
What is groundwater? Many people don’t know the answer, or the role that groundwater plays into their daily lives.

This week is National Groundwater Awareness Week.

Groundwater refers to the water that is sourced from wells, like spring water or bottled water products.

Chris Hogan, Vice President of Communication with the International Bottled Water Association, said that the protection and conservation of water would impact countless lives each day.

“Groundwater resources are important for any number of reasons,” he said. “They are a vital source for the bottled water industry, and also for municipal water. The protection of water supplies, whether they are well or surface waters, they are vitally important.”

Hogan said the purpose of the campaign is to stress groundwater’s importance and to remind people how much their lives are impacted it.

He said it’s a priority to educate and lead studies based around efficient use of water in general.